Judy Huxmann

Judy Huxmann is a Licensed Massage Therapist and an established bodyworker.  Since completing her training at the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts in 2003, Judy has continued her education with the Upledger Institute, John Barnes Myofascial Release training, Access Consciousness training, Tuning Fork and Tibetan Bowl therapy, and numerous workshops and classes to holistically broaden and support her practice. As time goes on, full-on Sound Healing sessions will be offered to her clients.

Judy is also a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2008 with Melissa Spamer through Lotus in the Flame School of Yoga and Healing Arts and has continued to further her education with additional training and workshops since. Most recently she has trained to become a Certified Sound Healer in the ancient tradition of Tibetan bowls and other sound instruments, as well as Tuning Fork therapy. Tibetan bowls and Tuning Forks have been added into her yoga classes to bring in the Nada Yoga approach of sound a vibration during class.

Combining her love of yoga and bodywork with her knowledge of anatomy and the mind/body response, Judy provides therapeutic-like yoga classes with humor and compassion and helps students develop awareness, strength and flexibility, ultimately bringing peace and ease to body, mind, and spirit.

In 2004, Judy opened and managed Awake and Aware Yoga and Bodywork in partnership with Cynthia Hoss.  Located in the Parkview Hills Shoppes in Kalamazoo, Awake and Aware provided yoga and healing practices until closing and merging with Down Dog Yoga Center in February of 2014.  

Contact Judy:   269-744-6665   (or)   judy@downdogyogacenter.com

NOTE: Judy is no longer scheduling appointments. Please contact her directly with any inquiries or for more information.


Treatments offered by Judy

Deep Tissue Therapy: 

This is an area-specific approach that focuses on the deeper layers of the body.  The target tissues may include muscles, tendons, ligaments fascia, joints, or other connective tissues.  Deep tissue massage helps to release chronic patterns of tension, break up and eliminate scar tissue, and remove toxins and adhesions while relaxing and soothing the muscle.  It is both a corrective and therapeutic treatment.


Craniosacral Therapy: 

This is a light touch, hands on therapy that releases the body's natural healing mechanism through the central nervous system. Done with clothes on, it is very relaxing and benefits and supports recovery from chronic conditions and tensions, emotional upset, abuse issues and stress relief.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:  

The lymphatic system is the fluid waste system that removes waste at the cellular level. If this system is sluggish or overwhelmed, that is how we end up feeling. MLDT is a light pressure modality that works with this system that is just below the skin. Through circular and stretching movement of the skin, the lymphatic system is encouraged to function more efficiently helping to remove excess waste and swelling in the body. Very good therapy for tiredness and low energy, post surgical recovery, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  30 min for $40 (or) 60 minutes for $75


Myofascial Release Therapy: 

Myofascial Release is the three-dimensional application of sustained pressure and movement into the fascial system in order to eliminate fascial restriction.  It benefits and supports recovery from surgery, injury, emotional upset, or an over-used body and mind.


Relaxation Massage:  

Relaxation Massage will help you let go of life's daily stresses.  A variety of techniques and pressures are used to help release tension from the body.  Leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to re-enter your life with a renewed attitude.


Swedish Massage: 

This modality uses smooth, rhythmic flowing massage on the body to gently relax and refresh.


Access Consciousness: 

Access Consciousness is a light touch process done fully clothed.  Access Consciousness helps you make changes in your life and develop awareness so that you can begin to function as the conscious being you truly are.  It helps you be present in every moment without judgment of yourself or others.  Everything in Access Consciousness is about empowering your ability to perceive, know, be and receive everything infinitely.  As each one of us steps into our greatness, the possibility that gets created for all of us is infinitely greater.  Access Consciousness helps you to be your truest self and make positive energetic changes in the world.