Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of a class so you have time to check in, see friends, get settled and relax.  Students may be permitted to enter up to 15 minutes after class start time.  Plan to stay through savasana (final relaxation) to the end of class.  Late entrances and early exits are disruptive to others and take away from your precious time on the mat.   

New clients may download and fill out our New Client Intake and Waiver HERE or should allow extra time to fill out this paperwork before taking your first class or appointment.

If you registered online, remember to check in at the front desk as well.  Call Down Dog Yoga Center at 269-993-2486 with a minimum of two hours notice for any class cancellations (24 hours for massage appointments or private sessions).  Refunds will be credited to your Down Dog Yoga Center account. 

Please silence cell phones upon entering the Center and be mindful of noise.  We encourage you to make friends and be joyful but also respect others who may be in class, meditating, or receiving bodywork somewhere in our healing sanctuary.

Please remove your shoes and leave them in the designated areas. We have plenty of space to store your coat, bag, and clothes neatly in our locker rooms and coat nook.  Leave valuables at home or locked safely out of sight in your car. 

Avoid wearing fragrances- clean is good, but heavy scents can be disruptive or cause sensitivities in other students.  

For safety reasons and in respect to staff and other clients, use of alcohol or mood altering drugs is not permitted prior to or during yoga, massage, or other studio appointments. Persons acting in a disruptive, disrespectful, or dangerous manner of any sort will be asked to leave.

Please alert the teacher of any special health concerns before class.  If something hurts, come out of the pose carefully and take rest in a comfortable position such as child's pose or ask the teacher for a modification.  Be accepting and kind to your body.  

Be kind to your fellow yogis and make sure there is room for everyone to feel welcome both on and off the mat. Down Dog Yoga Center is strongly committed to community, creativity, self-expression, unity and acceptance.  We value all beings- we love you!

Please pick up after yourself by returning props to the prop rack neatly and sanitizing your mat after class. Check to make sure you haven't left anything behind in the yoga studio, the locker room, or the coat nook.  We donate our Lost and Found items every 3 months!

Have fun and don't be shy- we love to hear feedback so we know what we are doing well and how we can serve you better! Questions and suggestions are encouraged.